06 July 2020

How to keep your jewellery clean during summer?

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Piece of art that you wear around (commonly called as jewellery) are not summer-friendly accessories. Summer elements like sweatperfumes and sunlight tend to damage, break, or steal the shine of your jewellery pieces. But don’t let the summer make you forego your favourites. With a little extra care, you can consider wearing your jewellery in any season and look great as you are always.

To quote Ryane Delka, formerly of the jewellery brand Silpada : "The chemicals in sunscreen and the salt content of sweat act very similar to pool and ocean water, accelerating the rate of tarnishing and corrosion. Sand can act as an abrasive to metal, leather, and stones, while sun exposure can fade components, soften adhesives, and discolour the metal."


Our tips :

- Don’t wear jewellery in chlorine enriched pool or ocean saltwater

Take out your jewellery because the chlorine in the swimming pool and saltwater in the ocean can damage and discolour your metal jewellery. It will erode the finish and make the polish of gemstones go dull.

Additionally, you must have noticed that prolong staying in the pool makes your finger shrink which can result in slipping of rings. You might end up losing them if you are not cautious. You will need a ring cleaner if you are wearing your ring to pool.

- Exposure to sun

Many gems including kunzite and amethyst are not sun-friendly as they are sensitive to UV rays. Too much exposure to the sun of these gemstones can change their colour irreversibly. Removing your jewellery pieces is the safest bet. But, if you have worn them, using Hagerty jewellery cleaner is wise choice.

- Avoid contacting jewellery with sand and dirt

If you are on the poolside, playing in the sun or gardening, take off your rings because they can get loaded with sand dust and debris. These tiny particles can scratch metals and softer gemstones. So, leave your rings at home before you start building sandcastles.

- Keep sunscreen, suntan lotion, oil and bug spray at bay

These products are chemically prepared and often leave a greasy film or coating on jewellery and gems that damage the surface of precious metal. Avoid layering your jewellery pieces with these chemical-laden products. Make sure to take off your neckpieces, bracelets, etc. while applying suntan lotion.

However, Hagerty silver jewellery cleaner is available that can wipe off any chemical layer from your silver jewellery pieces.


Tips from expert jewellers:

Use appropriate cleaning and maintenance products specially formulated for each type of metal or stone.

- While storing your jewellery make sure to put it in a fabric-lined jewellery case and a box with dividers so that your jewellery pieces do not bang against each other and get scratched.

- For getting your precious jewellery cleaned professionally, make an appointment after the summer season with a reputable jeweller who can give your items the best cleaning session to maintain their lustre and sparkle.

- While at outdoor parties or poolside fun, make sure to leave your precious gems at home.


Invest your time in keeping your jewellery clean and safe to keep them shiny for years to come!

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