Metal Bracelet Cleaner : Cleaner for steel watch straps

Cleaning spray for watch bracelets and metal accessories



Product Number : A118062



Product information


Exclusive, gentle formula based on natural solvents that cleans and restores shine to metal watches, bracelets and accessories made of steel, stainless steel, gold, etc.

Cleaning is easy and effective.

A few sprays are all it takes for the liquid to penetrate and dissolve encrusted dirt and deposits.

It provides long-lasting protection against tarnishing and oxidation, so there is no need to clean too often.

The spray cleaner for steel watch bracelets and other metal accessories won't scratch or damage delicate surfaces. 

This product contains no harsh chemicals, making it safe for you and your items. 


How to use the product ?

  • Shake the bottle well 
  • Spray onto the parts to be cleaned (watch bracelet links, bracelets, accessories, etc.) and leave to work for a few seconds
  • Rub gently with a soft cloth. If necessary, use a small brush to remove embedded dirt. 
  • Then wipe with a lint-free cloth

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