06 April 2022

5 steps to clean the kitchen

Tableware & Cooking

The kitchen is a room in the house where we spend time when we like to cook but requires the use of equipment, sometimes even a lot of equipment... After each use, we advise you to clean your countertops and your utensils well so as not to accumulate dirt.

In this article, discover Hagerty's products dedicated to the care of your kitchen and tableware, as well as 5 steps to clean the kitchen properly. Adopt these habits on a daily basis and you won't have to resort to a big clean.

Hagerty cleaning products for the kitchen 

Discover our products dedicated to the maintenance of your kitchen and tableware:

Cooktop Care: cooktop cleaner 

Use this lotion to clean and maintain your ceramic or induction hobs. It removes grease stains and residues without damaging the surface.

White Metal Polish : Stainless steel sink cleaner 

This lotion shines household appliances and other objects made of steel, stainless steel and chrome and removes rust, lime, grease and finger marks. It protects against water drops for several weeks and prevents objects from tarnishing again.

Silver Bath : silver cutlery cleaner 

This cleaning bath makes tarnished forks, spoons, knives and other silver or silver-plated tableware shine. It easily maintains and restores the shine of oxidised silverware without damaging it.

Silver Care: silver plate cleaner 

Polish your silver or silver-plated tableware with this paste. It cleans blackened and tarnished silver, restores the shine of the metal and protects your objects from oxidation for several weeks.

Microfibre glove: kitchen tile cleaner 

This microfibre glove removes grease stains and shines your kitchen tiles without damaging the surface. Use it for a quick, efficient, and daily cleaning with only a few drops of water.


1 - Deep cleaning of household appliances 

While some of your appliances may lie dormant in your cupboard, others are used every day, such as your coffee machine or kettle. To clean them effectively and without damaging them, it's a good idea to choose a descaling product and clean the item gently.

In addition, the oven, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and freezer also need regular cleaning. But with a bit of luck, some of your appliances will clean themselves, for example by switching on the pyrolysis function of your oven or by running the dishwasher empty.

Make your hob shine

Over time, grease and sauce stains accumulate on hobs and they often need to be maintained. Whether it is a gas, electric or ceramic hob, the most important thing is to use the right cleaning product.

We recommend that you gently but regularly scrub your plates with a soft sponge to keep them in good condition. Avoid using sponges that are too abrasive, which could scratch or damage the surface. In addition, don't hesitate to use a degreasing spray or a specific product (such as Hagerty Cooktop Care) to make cleaning easier and remember to maintain the ventilation hood as well.

2 - Cleaning kitchen walls and cupboards 

It is recommended to clean the inside of your cupboards regularly. Remove jars, tins, cereal packets and pasta to give your cupboards a clean sweep. Of course, you should also take the opportunity to throw away anything that has expired and sort out anything you no longer use.

Remove crumbs, traces of oil and dirt with a cloth moistened with water or degreasing spray. Finally, don't forget the outside of the cupboards by cleaning them with a product adapted to the type of covering (natural wood, acrylic, lacquer...).

In addition, your kitchen walls are often covered with splashes of sauce or oil. These stains dry out and become more discreet, but this makes them even more difficult to remove.

We therefore recommend that you regularly wipe off any dirt on the wall with a damp sponge to restore the shine to your room.

Reorganising your worktop 

This is perhaps the most important area to clean. It is used every day for cooking and bacteria accumulate on it. So it's best to clean your worktop daily with a quick wipe down with a wet sponge.

Once again, choose a product adapted to the surface (granite, stainless steel, tiles, wood, etc.) and rinse well to avoid leaving traces.

Also remember to unplug the appliances, put away anything that is lying around and clean all the nooks and crannies, not forgetting the underside of the toaster.

3 - Clean the soil thoroughly 

Your kitchen floor also needs some maintenance. Of course, express cleaning will only be effective if you do it regularly, ideally every week. The secret to keeping your kitchen clean? Regular cleaning!


Maintaining your marble floor 

Dust and dirt are the enemies of marble floors as they can cause tiny scratches that dull the finish and allow stains to penetrate the cracks.

Although most marble floors are sealed to prevent staining, we recommend that you clean your floor immediately when you get it dirty. A thorough cleaning of marble floors is only necessary about once a month.

For a quick and easy cleaning, please refer to our shampoo for marble floor cleaner : Marble Care.

Maintaining your wooden floor 

The most effective way to clean a floor is to do small, regular cleanings, rather than letting the dirt build up until cleaning becomes difficult.

By regularly vacuuming or sweeping the floor, you avoid the build-up of excess dust and debris that could become embedded in the floor and cause stains or damage the surface.

To restore the shine and maintain your floor, you can refer to our product for wooden floors: Wood Care.

4 - Regularly clean the stainless steel sink 

If you want to keep your stainless steel sink or fridge looking good, it is best to wash it every day. Use a little soapy water or a suitable product (such as Hagerty White Metal Polish) to remove traces of water, limescale and grease. If some stains are stubborn, be careful not to damage the coating by using products that are too abrasive.

From time to time, feel free to pour a drain cleaner down your sink to unclog it and remove any bad odours that may be coming up.

5 - Cleaning silverware and silver cutlery 

Silver is used to create beautiful, quality pieces such as vases, dishes, cutlery and candlesticks. These elegant objects add a luxurious touch to your table and shelves, but over time they can become dull.

As a result, silverware regularly needs to be cared for so that it can be displayed, and your table can shine even more brightly. Hagerty offers a range of cleaning products for your silver objects.

Now you know how to take care of your kitchen every day. Enjoy your meal!

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