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Set of 3 Microfiber Gloves
Set of 3 Microfiber Gloves
Set of 3 Microfiber Gloves


Set of 3 magic microfibre gloves

Microfibre gloves for cleaning glass, steel and ceramics surfaces

Product Number : P100089

CHF 13.50


Product information

Hagerty's trio of magic gloves is ideal for cleaning and caring for different surfaces.

They are made of microfibre and are specially designed for :

- For steel, brushed steel, chrome, aluminum or stainless steel surfaces
- For glass surfaces and mirrors
- For tiles and ceramics (bathroom and kitchen)

Each glove allows a quick and efficient cleaning.

Daily maintenance with only a few drops of water!

They help maintain, remove grease stains and make surfaces shine without leaving traces or damaging them.

They are reusable and machine washable at 40°C.

How to use the product ?

  • Moisten the glove on the colored side
  • Remove dirt by rubbing the surface
  • Turn the glove over
  • Wipe and shine with the light gray side


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