About Hagerty

Since 1895, Hagerty has been developing and distributing special care products for jewellery, precious stones, watches and accessories, decorative objects, silverware and tableware, carpets and textiles and many other surfaces. 

Our mission is to care for your precious objects so that they are preserved over time.

How can I contact your company?


Telephone: +41 32 724 44 64

Please note that our offices are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 16:30 (UTC+01:00).

What are Hagerty's environmental commitments?

- Our products comply with REACH regulations.

- Production takes place mainly in Europe (Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany). 

- A single central warehouse = optimisation of transport costs and environmental impact. 

- Our suppliers work with local partners to continuously improve quality processes and the selection of raw materials and components. 

- Priority is given to the use of biodegradable ingredients wherever possible.

- Packaging is recyclable (cardboard, plastic, aluminium).

- The cardboard packaging is FSC-certified.

- Cleaning cloths are made from sustainable raw materials (recycled cotton from other cloth productions), using 60% solar energy and in a way that conserves resources. They contain clay and natural oils and are dyed with environmentally-friendly colours. Finally, they can be disposed of in household waste.

- The Odour Eliminator formula is Ecocert certified (contains 100% natural ingredients).