Silver Duster & Silver Polish


Cloth and cleaning lotion for silver and silver plated metal

Product Number : P100021



Product information

Incitation commerciale 29 EUR EN blanc.png

55 x 35 cm & 250 ml

Choose this duo pack to clean your silver and silver-plated objects.

Silver Duster: Thanks to its impregnated cotton, the chamois shines vases, frames and other tarnished silver or silver-plated objects. 

Silver Polish: The lotion maintains and restores the shine of oxidised silver and silver-plated objects without damaging them.

How to use the product ?

  • Shake the bottle.
  • Apply the lotion with cotton wool, soft cloth or damp sponge.
  • Rub thoroughly and leave for one minute.
  • Wipe with a clean soft cloth or rinse with warm water and dry.

  • Rub objects gently but thoroughly with Silver Duster.
  • Do not wash Silver Duster.
  • Replace it as soon as the surface is completely black.


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