19 January 2021

The perfect jewel for Valentine’s Day? Look no further.

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When you love someone, and you want to make a gift to your special someone, this saying comes to your mind: « Love means giving without limits ». It leads you to think that the best Valentine’s gift is the most expensive. But wait, the gift’s symbolism is that not the most important? The best jewel for your beloved one should be adapted to your relationship.


Relationship beginning:

Sir, do not frighten or embarrass your new girlfriend with a very expensive jewel but do not offer a worthless jewel either. Your best ally? Ceramic! Many jewels are made with ceramic. You can choose a bracelet or a ring with a stone or not. You would find lots of ceramic jewels at low prices.

For you ladies, steel and leather are two materials which made beautiful bracelets at reasonable prices.


Beautiful love:

Each precious stone has a symbol, do not forget that! Choose the gems according to your love situation:

  • If you are married, the best gem is diamond. It means happiness and strength for married couple.
  • If your love is eternal and based on trust: choose a jewel with emeralds. It symbolizes true love, hope and trust.
  • If you live a passionate love: choose ruby and its beautiful red colour. It is the gem of the passion, it symbolizes bravery, fire and love.
  • If you want to commit yourself with your girlfriend: choose sapphire, the blue colour refers to purity and wisdom. This gem brings patience and strength to relationships.
  • If you want to insist on loyalty, choose topaz or garnet. The virtue of topaz is to control passions. The garnet has a more erotic point of view but always with loyalty to the person you love.
  • If you want to show your sincerity, the amethyst is the good stone to offer. It protects people against bad intentions.


Do not hesitate to engrave the jewel, it will add value to your gift and make it unique! Another idea is to insist on your years together. For married couples for three years, think about a ring with three interlaced rings.

You have now the keys to make the best gift for Valentine’s Day, a reflected gift is more worthy than an expensive one.