This category includes all cleaning products for silverware and the kitchen. 

Cleaning products must be chosen according to the materials or surface to be cleaned. Hagerty offers different ways of caring for tableware: immersion baths, cleaning pastes, cleaning lotions and impregnated covers.

To clean your silver cutlery, choose the Silver Bath immersion bath. To clean your silver objects, use Silver Care paste. For pewter, steel, stainless steel and silver, choose Silver & Multimetal Foam or White Metal Polish. To clean hobs, use Cooktop Care cleaning lotion. Finally, for your bronze, copper or brass kitchenware, opt for Copper, Brass & Bronze Polish.

To prevent your silverware from oxidising too quickly, we recommend that you buy anti-tarnishing protective covers. These are impregnated with an exclusive formula that delays oxidation. They are available in two different sizes, one for silver cutlery and the other for silver objects.

It's not always easy to know what your precious objects are made of. To avoid damaging them or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address: We'll be happy to tell you which product you need.


Products for cleaning silverware :

- The Silver Bath provides a deep clean for your silverware by completely immersing the silver cutlery in it. The formula quickly removes tarnish and restores shine. This cleaning product is very easy to use and contains a basket in which you can easily place your silverware. The oxidation disappears and your objects become shiny again in just a few minutes. 

- The paste (Silver Care) is a cleaning product for silver objects. Thanks to the sponge supplied in the jar, you'll be able to rub it well to remove the oxidation present on your silverware. Its fast-acting action makes it particularly useful for maintaining dishes, trays or other silver or silver-plated metal objects that are regularly used for serving.

- Silver & Multimetal Foam cleans silver, silver plate, pewter and steel. This foaming paste protects against oxidation for several weeks and removes dirt from silverware. Thanks to the sponge supplied in the jar, you'll be able to rub well to remove the oxidation present on your pieces.


For products in this range, remember to rinse well and dry your items immediately after cleaning.


How can I prevent silver from tarnishing?

- Silver Guard covers protect your silver from oxidation once it has been cleaned. Thanks to its cotton impregnated with an exclusive formula, your silver objects and cutlery are protected from tarnishing. 

There are two types of cover, one for silver cutlery and the other for silver coins. Both are available in different sizes to suit your needs. 


Products for cleaning your kitchen and other objects

- Cooktop Care lotion makes it easy to clean and maintain glass-ceramic and induction hobs. It removes grease stains and traces of residue without damaging the surface. It also contains an invisible agent that prevents impurities from re-adhering to the surface.

- White Metal Polish lets you clean stainless steel and chrome with ease. The cleaner removes fingerprints, grease and limescale from your household appliances, sink, fridge, door handles, etc. 

- Copper, Brass & Bronze Polish is a cleaning product for copper, brass and bronze. Make your pots, pans and other kitchen items shine again with ease. What's more, the lotion protects against oxidation for several weeks and prevents objects from tarnishing again. 


All the products work almost instantly and won't cause any micro-scratches on the metal or surfaces being cleaned. Your objects are clean and shiny again with Hagerty cleaning products.