This category includes all the products necessary for the maintenance and cleaning of your decorative objects (silver, copper, bronze, crystal, wood, leather, plastic, ...) and screens without damaging them. The products must be chosen according to the materials to be cleaned.

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Hagerty offers several ways to care for your items. You can use cleaning lotions, cloths, gloves, sprays or creams.


Which product should I choose to clean a silver or silver-plated object?

There are many Hagerty products to care for silver and silver-plated objects. So how do you choose between lotion, cloths, gloves or spray?

- The lotion (Silver Polish) allows a deep maintenance and requires a soft cloth or a sponge. This will require some manual effort to quickly restore the shine of your oxidised object.

- The cloth (Silver Duster) allows a delicate and daily maintenance of your silver objects. It quickly restores the shine of the silver.

- The gloves (Silver Gloves) make cleaning your silver very easy as they allow you to hold and clean the objects directly in your hands, keeping them dry and clean.

- The spray (Silver Spray) is the product to go for if you want to clean engraved or chased items, as you simply spray the item, wait 30 seconds and simply wipe with a soft cloth.


Other materials :

- Leather: for cleaning your leather objects (jacket, bags, car seat, sofa, ...) you can opt for the cream (Leather Care) or for the spray (Leather Spray).

- Wood: to clean your wooden objects (furniture, accessories, ...) you can opt for the cream (Wood Care) or for the spray (Wood Spray).

- Copper, brass or bronze: in this case, choose Copper, Brass & Bronze Polish (cleaning lotion) or Copper, Brass & Bronze Duster (cleaning cloth).

- Displays: use the High Tech Cloth in combination with the Multimedia Spray to give your screens a clean sweep.

- Stainless steel, steel and chrome: use White Metal Polish to restore the shine of your stainless steel objects (household appliances, sinks, fridges, door handles, etc.).

- Plastic and lacquered surfaces: clean your plastic, PVC, Plexiglas, etc. objects with the cleaning spray (High Tech Plastic Care) or with the anti-static cloth (Anti-Static Duster).

- Crystal: maintain your crystal objects (chandelier, decoration, glass, etc.) with the Crystal Clean spray cleaner.


Shine, maintain and care for your decorative objects with Hagerty cleaning products.