25 May 2021

Use magic gloves for a successful spring cleaning

Multi Surface Care

Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to update our homes and stay one step ahead of the often hectic spring and summer seasons. It may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

In this article, you will discover the utility of Hagerty's magic microfiber gloves, as well as 5 cleaning tips to be the most efficient in your spring cleaning.


Easy way to clean your home: the magic gloves

Hagerty's trio of microfiber magic gloves, with an easy-to-use double-sided, is ideal for cleaning and caring for different surfaces. They allow you to do a daily maintenance with only a few drops of water!

They are made of microfiber and are specially designed for 3 specific areas:

- Steel, brushed steel, chrome, aluminum & stainless steel 

- Glass & mirrors

- Tiles & ceramics

Each glove allows a quick and efficient cleaning. They help to maintain, remove grease stains and make the finish shine without leaving traces or damaging them. They are reusable and machine washable at 40°C.


The set of 3 magic microfiber gloves 

1. Magic glove for stainless steel surfaces 

The glove cleans and takes care of steel, brushed steel, chromium, aluminum and stainless steel areas. It does not leave any marks and does not cause any micro-scratches on the fridge, the oven, the coffee machine or any other finish.

2. Magic glove for glass surfaces

This one cleans dust and dirt, removes smears from the glass, like windows, mirrors, ceramic cooktops and any other items of glass. Each area is cleaned, protected against clogging, grease and finger marks.

3. Magic glove for ceramics and tiles surfaces 

The third mitten allows you to maintain, to remove grease stains and to make the tiles and ceramics shine without damaging it. The magic glove cleans ceramics and tiles surfaces, like in the bathroom or in the kitchen for example.


How to use Hagerty’s magic gloves ? 

1. Lightly moisten one side of the glove.

2. Clean the dust and grease passing the glove on the area to be treated.

3. Turn the glove.

4. Wipe and shine with the other side.

For more details, refer you to the explanation of each specific glove.


How to successfully clean your home? 

If your end goal is to get every room in your home sparkling clean, but your agenda doesn't allow for a long cleaning session, consider this article as the ultimate spring cleaning manual. These time-saving tips put you on the fast track to a clean kitchen, bathroom and bedroom by focusing on one room or item at a time. Keep these tips in mind and your entire home will be ready when summer arrives.


1- Keep the right tools at hand and avoid going back and forth. 

Having all the necessary tools and cleaning products at hand means you don't have to waste time looking for them. This can be difficult with several large bottles of cleaner, but you don't need large bottles: prefer the small and easy-to-carry spray bottles. You can also place your supplies in a caddy or cube to stay organised and save time.

Organise your day and clean up room by room 

Cleaning a house room by room is the most effective way to thoroughly clean it. Create cleaning checklists for each room to help you get organised and to remind you of areas that need attention. Feel free to skip over areas that have been cleaned recently and focus on parts of your home that have been largely neglected over the winter.

One of the biggest tasks of spring cleaning is often to get rid of the mess. Identify the problem areas, analyse the reasons for the clutter, determine the solutions and implement them.

You can sort your stuff into 4 categories: bin, donate, store or tidy - this can also be effective during spring cleaning. Get rid of the clutter as soon as possible, whether it's by taking a donation box to a charity or planning a boot sale.


2- Kitchen cleaning and household appliances

House oven deep cleaning tips 

To clean the oven, prepare a paste of baking soda mixed with water and apply it to the inside walls and floor of the oven. Then spray it with vinegar in a spray bottle and wipe it dry. Grease and cooked food must be removed immediately.

This method may work but it is a home-made solution which can be a bit time-consuming. In addition, it doesn't guarantee you a perfect result. We would rather recommend you use a wet microfiber cloth instead. For the glass of your oven, refer you to the Hagerty magic glove for glass surfaces.

House fridge deep cleaning tips 

The best way to clean your refrigerator is with microfibres. Wipe the top of the fridge with a microfibre cloth dampened with water, for particularly greasy dust and dampen the cloth with cleaner. If possible, move the refrigerator away from the wall and clean it with the brush of your vacuum cleaner. Removing the dust will help the appliance to work more efficiently. If your fridge door is made of stainless steel, clean it with the Hagerty magic glove for steel surfaces

House dishwasher deep cleaning tips 

Start your dishwasher with a full wash cycle. Add a non-abrasive cleaner and a small amount of baking soda to thoroughly clean and disinfect the inside of the machine. When the cycle is complete, wipe with a damp microfibre cloth and run it along the inside edge of the dishwasher door to remove any food build-up. Spray with water and wipe dry. 

You can also use the Hagerty magic glove for stainless steel surfaces for the inox part of your dishwasher.


3- Wash windows and curtains at the same time 

Clean your windows with this tip: remove the curtains from all the windows in the room and put them in a cold dryer for 15 minutes. While the dryer is shaking the dust off your curtains, dampen a high-quality microfibre cloth with water and use it to clean the windows without leaving streaks. Then wipe the edges of the window with another microfibre cloth dampened with water.

Some people like to dry windows with newspaper, but reusable microfibre cloths are best. They are super absorbent, washable and leave the glass shiny and streak-free.

If you would rather use paper towels, choose a brand that's up to the task. Weak paper towels can shred and leave lint behind. Then, remove the curtains from the dryer and hang them immediately to prevent wrinkling.

For a daily maintenance of your windows, use Hagerty magic glove for glass.


4- Deep clean the bathroom and washrooms 

Start by first cleaning the shower curtain. Remove mold and soap residue from your shower curtain without too much effort by throwing it directly into the washing machine with a few fluffy towels and detergent. Put it in the dryer for 10 minutes to soften it and remove wrinkles and put it back in place, it will come out like new.

For the toilet and the shower itself, first concentrate on hard-to-reach stains around the toilet, taps and other narrow areas for example. Using a steam cleaner, aim for the spot in question and remove the dirt. Wipe the newly sanitized area with a microfiber cloth and move on.

Then for the tiles, spray out some soap and deeply rub to erase the bacteria.

For a daily maintenance of your bathroom, refer you to the Hagerty's trio of microfiber magic gloves.


5- Speed clean regularly when you can

If you really want to cut down your cleaning time, then you really need to clean more often. Once you've deep-cleaned your house, give it a once-over every couple of weeks. This will keep the house looking good and save you the time-consuming task of cleaning up several months in one go. Thus, making a maintenance cleaning instead of catch-up cleaning is much more efficient.


Why cleaning regularly is good for you? 

By putting everything back in its place and spot cleaning a couple areas, your weekly cleaning routine won’t take as long or be as overwhelming.

When everything’s put in its place at least once a day, you’ll be less likely to lose things. Also, it’s easier to see what you have when everything’s tidy. Cleaning your home regularly is also good for your mental health and it has a positive impact on your mood.


If you are now motivated to clean and take care of your home, refer to Hagerty cleaning products, they are easy to use and effective!

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