24 February 2021

How to clean a parquet floor optimally? The best wood floor cleaner

Multi Surface Care

One of Hagerty’s missions is to take care of your floors. In this article, we would like to give you the best tips to keep your floors clean and maintained. The best way to clean hardwood floors is to take smart precautions, which not only help protect the floor, but also reduce cleaning time.

To reduce the traces of dust, place floor mats on the inside and outside of the exterior door. When it snows or rains, install a boot removal area to prevent water and de-icing from damaging the floor.

In addition to a place where you can sit and store your shoes, you can also put a cloth or mop next to the door to quickly clean water from the floor.


How to clean hardwood floors naturally?

Even if the weather forecast does not predict rain, it is wise to remove your shoes when entering the room to prevent dust, dirt and bacteria from spreading to the whole family. Especially for hardwood floors, heels, toe spikes and shoes that cause scratches should be left at the door.

Prevent children's toys from scratching the floor by adding carpets in the play area to avoid leaving marks on hardwood floors. In addition to these daily good practices, please follow our floor cleaning tips to keep your home in good condition.


Use a wood floor mop

A simple broom or mop will do wonders to clean the floor. How often you need to do this task depends on traffic conditions on the wood floor.  For quick cleaning, use a mop treated with a dust collector to remove dust, dirt and animal hair that can scratch the floor surface. One of the best mops for hardwood floors is the one with microfiber heads.

The mop is designed to capture dust and dirt. However, don't neglect the hoover when you plan to clean your parquet floor. It's important to remove all dust and deposits from the floor before wetting it.


Clean up spills as soon as possible

Spills are inevitable, but if you let them dry on the floor, they'll dull the finish and attract additional dirt. Blot spills immediately with an absorbent cloth. The worst thing you can do is let water puddle on the floor. Follow up with a damp paper towel to remove any residue and buff dry.

If stains or spills are on the surface, your floor may have a hard coating, such as polyurethane. If stains from the surface treatment agent have penetrated the wood, the floor may be oiled, which is common in older homes because the floors in these homes have not been refinished and sealed. For hard floors, wipe off surface stains with a clean and soft cloth. Do not use sandpaper, steel wool or harsh chemicals as they will permanently damage the finish.


How to clean wood floor efficiently?

Laminate flooring was long considered the ugly duckling of the floor world. Nowadays, it’s a cost-effective, attractive option with highly realistic finishes and textures. It can mimic the appearance of any wood imaginable, including rare or exotic hardwoods, as well as stone and other styles. It is strong and hard to scratch, and will not expand or shrink like hardwood.

However, compared to solid wood, it is more susceptible to moisture damage, making it a poor choice for leaky bathrooms and laundry rooms. In addition, it is not recommended to use corrosive cleaners for laminates. On the other hand, when installed in other parts of the house, it is easy to clean the floor. Regular light maintenance will keep your floor shiny and new for many years.


The best wood floor cleaner

The best way to clean parquet is to use a cleaning product specially designed for it. Hagerty offers a specific product that cleans and cares for laminate and varnished floors.


Hagerty Wood Care

The Hagerty Wood Care is a cleaning shampoo for wooden floors. It removes accumulated dust and dirt, eliminates stains and odours and makes your floor shine again. Thanks to the essential oils it contains, the product gives your floors a delicate, fragrant scent.

How to use this product? Dilute the product in hot water (for 25ml, use 4L of hot water), use a mop to clean your floors and leave to dry, no rinsing is necessary.


The expert in floor cleaner

Cleaning and maintaining floors and carpets is one of Hagerty's areas of expertise. That's why the brand has developed three other formulas to keep your floors in good condition and restore their shine.


Marble floor cleaner 

For the care of marble, polished concrete and sandstone floors refer you to Marble Care. It washes in depth, acts rapidly and protects your floor. Moreover, Marble Care contains solvents which makes rinsing easier and which gives an anti-slipping effect. Don't be afraid anymore of sliding after cleaning your marble floors.


Stone floor cleaner

For the care of stoneware, terracotta, slate or Zelliges floors refer you to Natural Stone Care. It cleans dust and dirt and ensures a protection against smears thanks to its black soap and linseed oil enriched formula.  Moreover, it contains 10% of pure vegetable soap and lemon essential oils which give a delicate fragrance to the floors.


Carpet cleaner

Finally, Hagerty offers a shampoo that can be used with an injection-extraction machine to deep clean carpets and rugs (or other washable textile furniture).

Thanks to Hagerty 5* Shampoo Concentrate, cleaning will no longer be a chore, but a pleasure.

How to use it? We recommend you to our “how to use” video or read the information below:

1. Rent a spray-extraction Hagerty BLUE H machine in your local store

2. Dilute the shampoo in warm water (for 25ml, use 4L of warm water).

3. Follow the instructions on the machine.

4. Clean the carpet or the upholstery with the machine.


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