21 May 2021

How to clean your wristwatch?

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You take your car to the garage and have your suit cleaned, but what about your watch? Although it's a handy item, it's also a jewel that you wear day every day - that's why it's wise to look after and maintain your wristwatch so it works and stays in top shape as long as possible.

It's probably not a small amount of money that you have spent on this purchase, and it has become your favourite watch. You must know the tricks to preserve it, so that it can stay as long as possible on your wrist. Fortunately, just read this guide to know exactly what to do, now that we just remind you that you have to take care of your wristwatch.

"You have your suit cleaned, and you should do it with your watch too. Check that the bracelet is perfect, and the case is in good condition, like on a car"explains Connie Pedersen, who has worked in watchmaking for 17 years at Ure & Guldhuset N.H. Jorgensen. She knows how a wristwatch can be damaged without maintenance.

"You should go to the watchmaker every two to five years, depending on the type of watch. The watchmaker performs a pressure test and also checks whether it needs to be lubricated or adjusted. At the same time, it is cleaned at the back and where you open it, "says Connie Pedersen.

"It feels good, because the skin and sweat of your arm can settle in and make the watch really dirty in the back and leave particles in the back of the case. Imagine how embarrassing a pair of shoes would be if you wore them every day for two years. "


If your watch has a quartz movement

The quartz watch is the most common type of wristwatch. It's just the type of the best-selling watch. Yet, many people do not take proper care of their watch - you will avoid this group if you follow these tips:
· Replace the battery every two years.
· Check the watch at the watchmaker at the same time to see if it is still waterproof and dustproof.

"The seal is made of rubber and silicone, and the seal expands or can burst when opened. It is also recommended to replace the battery. "


If your watch has an automatic of manual mechanical movement

Automatic and manual mechanical watches are a little more complex than quartz watches, but even if there is no battery to change, it is always easy to maintain the watch:
· Check the watch every two years at the watchmaker.
· Every five years or so, have the spring pulled and adjusted. This small spring in the watch must be adjusted so that the watch does not become too fast or too slow.

"If you have the crown turned or a small notch, you may not be able to see it. With a pressure test, the watchmaker checks whether the watch is still closed.


You can do it yourself

·Wind your mechanical watch clockwise once a day until you notice resistance.
Wind your automatic watch clockwise once every two weeks.



You rarely think about the effects of your skin on your watch. In addition to wiping it off after a hot day, you'll follow these tips at home.
· Every month, clean the watch with a soft cloth like Hagerty Stainless Steel Cloth.
· Use specially developed Hagerty products when the bracelet needs deep cleaning.
· Check that the crown is correctly inserted and does not protrude.
· Rinse the watch after going to the pool or the sea.


General maintenance

· Remove the watch when you sleep, just as if you were removing your shoes and glasses before going to bed.
· Make sure the bracelet has the right length. If it is too big, the watch will slip on your wrist and you risk losing it and damaging it.
· Avoid strong temperature variations, especially if you have a mechanical watch, even if it is waterproof.
· Do not put your watch in the sun and go directly into the water. The watch cannot withstand the big difference in temperature between the extreme heat emitted by the sun and the cold of the water. It is therefore not recommended to have a wristwatch during a trip to the beach.

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