Wood Care : wood floor cleaner

Cleaning product for hardwood floors

Wood Care : wood floor cleaner
Wood Care : wood floor cleaner
Wood Care : wood floor cleaner
Wood Care : wood floor cleaner
Wood Care : wood floor cleaner
Wood Care : wood floor cleaner


Product Number : A116326

1 L



Product information

1 l

Cleans and takes care of stratified and varnished wooden floors. It allows to maintain, to remove grease stains while respecting the surfaces and to restore the original brightness.

The care washes in depth the wooden floors.

Wood Care cleans dust and dirt, removes smears and odours from any wooden floor. It makes shine thanks to its strong concentration of polymer and gives back a renewed and original finish. It contains essential oils as well which gives to varnished, waxed, oiled or painted parquets a delicate and perfumed fragrance.

The care acts rapidly and protects the floors.

The care has efficient effects and does not cause any marks or prints on the wood. The floors are cleaned and protected thanks to the professional formula of Wood Care and its neutral pH which allows an easy cleaning. It is not necessary to rinse the floor after the maintenance. Wood Care prevents grime from inserting itself between the laths and has an anti-slipping effect.

How to use the product ?

  • Dilute in water. For 25ml, use 4L of warm water. Use only 1L of water if a very bright finish is desired.

For the care of marble, polished concrete and sandstone floors refer to Marble Care.

For the care of stoneware, terracotta, slate or Zelliges floors refer to Natural Stone Care.

For the care of rugs, carpets and washable upholstery refer to 5*Shampoo Concentrate.


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