Silver Guards Holloware Bags : pouches for silver and silver-plated items

Pouches in different sizes to protect silver and silver-plated objects.





Product information

Protect and take care of silver and silver-plated items. They allow to store silver away from oxidization caused by sulfide in the air.

The protective cover preserves items.

The pouches are made of a high-quality fabric which is impregnated against oxidization and which offers a good protection for plates, trays and other silver and silver-plated objects. It allows them to keep their original shine and it avoids quick tarnish.

The bag keeps the objects ready-for-use.

The silver and silver-plated metals oxidize less quickly and the items do not require maintenance before use or before exposure. The precious metal remains clean and shiny.

How to use the product ?

  • Simply store silver in Silver Guard Holloware Bag.

To protect silverware, refer to Silver Guard Cutlery Roll.

Did you know?

Silver is a precious metal which requires to be cleaned more frequently than the others. Indeed, it blackens when in contact with sulfide which is in the air and which speeds up oxidation. Thus, if you want to slow down the process and protect your silver items, you need to store then in a dry and closed place. If your items are used for decoration, then be aware that they will need maintenance more often.

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