19 January 2021

Natural stone and marble for your bathroom?

Multi Surface Care

You want to renew your bathroom with natural stones? This article is made for you. Discover strengths and weaknesses of stone and marble. Marble has kept its reputation over the years. Using marble creates a high-end atmosphere. This material is noble and luxurious.  In general, natural stones are luxurious materials which give an elegant side to a bathroom. It creates a Zen and natural atmosphere. Each slab is different. It makes your interior unique. Marble gives a lot of luminosity and there are many different colours.

Natural stones in general could be placed in wall mount as well as on the ground. It gives a flexible aspect to this material. Thus, the main benefit of natural stone is the appearance and the aestheticism. Natural stones are also durable materials. A glass that falls on this kind of surface will not damage or even scratch it.

Nevertheless, the price is obviously its main disadvantage even if it has decreased throughout the years. Natural stones could be up to six times more expensive than ceramic for example, and the laying costs also more than a traditional one. Natural stones could be stained as well and require maintenance and cleaning. Specialized products exist just like Hagerty’s Natural Stone Care or Marble Care. You are now able to make your choice with everything in mind, good luck!

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