14 January 2021

Silverware, yes or no ?

Tableware & Cooking

Quality cutlery: a profitable investment?


Like all everyday objects, the types, brands and shapes of cutlery abound. People are increasingly tempted to buy the cheapest utensils in the local department store. Yet, nothing beats a silver cutlery set. In the long run, you'll be a winner. Our drawers are full of twisted or damaged, dull and unattractive cutlery. They're only cutlery, the plates are more visible on the table, you may say? Certainly, however, when you dress your table with damaged cutlery, it's as if you were wearing a beautiful watch with a broken glass, it's annoying to use even if it is not as obvious as a broken bracelet.


There are 3 main types of cutlery: solid silver, silver plated and stainless steel cutlery.


Solid silver cutlery is the most expensive because it is made of genuine silver with a nickel or copper alloy. No need to reserve them for special occasions, contrary to common beliefs, the more you use them the less they tend to tarnish. This type of cover is very resistant. However, to guarantee their shine, they must be maintained. Use Hagerty Silver Bath to make them shine effortlessly.


If you want a set of family cutlery to pass on, give preference to solid silver. The quality of solid silver cutlery makes every meal a special occasion.

Silver-plated cutlery is inherently cheaper but less durable and sturdy, even though it is similar in shine with solid silver cutlery.

Stainless steel utensils are the most common nowadays. They require little or no maintenance and are the cheapest. Nevertheless, they are less solid than silver cutlery.

Our choice is undoubtedly the solid silver, very resistant, it will give a noble side to your table. A question persists among the multitude of brands and styles, how do you choose your silverware?

First, keep in mind that weight is a guarantee of quality. A beautiful set of silverware is quite heavy. If you find it light, it may not be solid silver. The best pieces of silverware are quite thick and do not bend. If the cutlery is soft, it's not good quality.

You can also check that the inside edges of the fork teeth are not rough and look for a smooth reflection in the bottom of the spoon; this means that the polishing quality is good, so the cutlery will last longer.

Finally, make sure the set includes all the parts you need. Spoons, for example, are not always included in sets.

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