19 January 2021

What is the best wood species for his furniture?


Solid wood furniture has a special and natural charm. Nevertheless, they have differences and specificities according to their nature. It seems sometimes difficult to choose between the species: pine, mango or oak? This article is here to help you.


First, you need to understand the steps of wood transformation because they have a huge impact on wood quality. The 3 main steps are the following:

  • Sawing: there are several kinds of sawing which depends on the wood species and the thickness of the slices you desire.
  • Drying: these slices are dried naturally or artificially to avoid any deformation of the material due to water.
  • Finishing: the wood can be sanded, brushed, varnished, oiled, waxed, tinted ... according to the customer’s wish.


Wood density has also an impact on wood strength and quality. Two measurements make it possible to evaluate the hardness of a wood: the Monnin hardness and the Brinell hardness. Thus, each wood species has its specificities. Here are the descriptions of qualities and flaws of the most used wood in decoration and habitat:


Birch: with its very fine grain and its almost white hue, birch is ideal to create a simple and refined decor. If it resists shocks, better still keep it indoors to avoid damaging it.

Teak is a particularly strong exotic wood, which is why it is often used in garden furniture. It is also used for deck coverings because of its resistance to moisture. Choose walnut for a decor that resists time.

Maple is one of the most valuable and longest lasting furniture woods. Choose mountain maple or false sycamore.

Oak is one of those safe values. It is a solid and resistant wood, it ages well and marries with a wide range of styles. In addition, this a wood with a good impermeability and the life of oak furniture is almost unlimited.

Beech: Its light, slightly red colour gives a warm tone to untreated chairs, tables or cabinets. Very hard and very dense, beech is a stable wood of great longevity.

Rosewood, with its deep red colour, rosewood blends perfectly with a classic and chic wood deco. It is however quite expensive: it is better to reserve it for furniture or objects of small dimensions!

Chestnut is also a heavy and resistant species, but of less pronounced hue. It is usable as well for your interior decoration as for your outdoor furniture.

Pine: At once elegant and discreet, it is also very affordable, and can easily be painted or patinated. Be careful however: it is a rather fragile wood, which claws easily.

Mango tree: still little used in Europe, the mango tree has the wind in its sails! Its characteristic grain gives style to both decorative objects and small furniture. Big advantage: it is also a particularly ecological wood. Moreover, this wood is only used when tree is not anymore able to produce fruits.

Spruce, light and soft wood, is nonetheless resilient and elastic, making it ideal for flooring that will withstand wear.


Now you just have to choose and to take care of it with Hagerty Wood Care !

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