Marble Care : marble floor cleaner

Cleaning shampoo for marble and polished concrete floors

Marble Care : marble floor cleaner
Marble Care : marble floor cleaner
Marble Care : marble floor cleaner


Product Number : A116327

CHF 10.90


Product information

Cleans and takes care of marble and polished concrete. It allows to maintain, to remove grease stains while respecting the surfaces and to restore the original brightness and luster.

The care washes in depth the floors.

Marble Care cleans dust and dirt, removes smears and odors from any floors and is ideal for workbenches or bathrooms. Rock crystal enriched formula re-mineralises the surface and gives back a renewed and original finish. It does not leave marks of limestone on dark floors.

The care acts rapidly and protects the floors.

The care has efficient effects and does not cause any marks or prints on the surfaces. The floors are cleaned and protected. Marble Care contains solvents which makes the rinsing easier and which gives an anti-slipping effect.

How to use the product ?

  • Dilute in water.
  • For 25ml, use 4L of warm water.

For the care of wood floors refer to Wood Floor Care.

For the care of stoneware, terracotta, slate or Zelliges floors refer to Natural Stone Care.

For the care of rugs, carpets and washable upholstery refer to 5*Shampoo Concentrate.

Did you know?

Marble is a rock which stems from limestone. Because of this we strongly advice you against using anti-limestone, vinegar or lemon to clean this surface.

MARBLE CARE is not available for online purchase.

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