15 December 2021

How to clean your house for Christmas?

The holiday season is in full swing and many people are already rushing to buy decorations and everything else they need for Christmas. Before you rush to decorate your home, consider cleaning it first.

Not only is this a great way to keep your home free of clutter, but it also helps keep it clean for visitors and guests who arrive. How to clean your house for Christmas? Here are some tips to help you clean up before the holidays.

Ways to clean up the house before Christmas

It's that time of the year again. You will probably be busy looking for gifts to give out to your friends and family. Among all the many things you will have to take care of during the holiday season, you also need to pay attention to the Christmas cleaning.

Whether you like it or not, you’ll need to make sure that your home is sparkling clean in preparation for the Christmas celebration with your family and friends. Cleaning during the busiest time of the year can be overwhelming. That’s the reason we’ve made 7 cleaning tips to help you out and keep your house tidy and organised for Christmas.


Cleaning textile products for the holidays

Your carpet, rugs, armchairs or sofas are faced with an awful lot of dirt from the moment they are installed, so you should not take it for granted. If you have a lot of guests coming over for the holidays, you definitely need to take care of your textiles, as a dirty and soiled carpet will most likely stand out.

This is not what you want. If you can treat your textiles yourself, go ahead. However, no matter how hard you try, if there is still dirt in your carpet, then invest in a textile cleaning product.

That's why it's worth investing in an industrial carpet cleaner or renting one to keep your textiles looking brand new.


Silverware cleaning for Christmas 

Give your silverware and decors like mirrors and candle holders a good polish. You probably also have beautiful silver cutlery that you are saving for special occasions. It may have collected dust since the last time you have used it.

Make them clean. Polish your beautiful kitchenware and silver cutlery with a special silverware product that is made exclusively to shine them all.


Clean the floors and all surfaces

Counters and furniture will get a lot of attention during the Christmas season. Be sure to give them a thorough cleaning before the big day. Also, it's essential to clean kitchen surfaces right after you prepare your food. Half-cooked meats tend to leave bacteria behind. Be sure to clean your work surfaces before you start cooking so that your kitchen is not unpleasant for your guests.

Polish your chairs, furniture and shelves as well. Remove as much dust and accumulated stains as possible with a damp cloth. You can also use a specific universal cleaner and don't forget to polish your dining table as well.

How to clean up the wooden floor? 

Wood floors are one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain, but when it comes to Christmas cleaning, it's a whole different story. Christmas trees, snow and glitter seem to be everywhere. And what happens when the floor is scratched?

Family gatherings usually mean you have more visitors than any other time of year. That means you have to deal with more streaks, dust and dirt. How do we maintain the wood floors in that case?

Concentrated or non-concentrated, using wipes or liquid? We’ve all been in this situation, stood in the cleaning aisle with not a clue which one to pick. With the exception of oiled finish, using a dry microfibre mop and a good concentrated cleaning agent is enough to keep your floors looking fabulous. There is no need for soaking a very wet mops or an overhaul of cleaning products.

Simply add your favourite cleaning product, dilute it generously with water and work away with your trusty mop.

However, be careful because excessive moisture can harm your floor.  Water seeps into the boards, causing them to heave, warp or even crack.


Cleaning jewellery, watches and home accessories for Christmas 

Jewellery, watches and all your precious items should sparkle, but exposure to dust and dirt, lotions and soaps, even air and moisture can dull your favourite items over time and rob them of their brightness.

Jewellery cleaning for Christmas 

Whether it's jewellery you wear every day or the big pieces you only wear on special occasions, it's likely that all your jewellery needs a good cleaning.

Some people clean their jewellery too often, excessively, while others do so very rarely. Because jewellery is wearable and can be fragile, it's best to take a moderate approach when cleaning it.

Rinsing and scrubbing too much can cause unnecessary damage and premature wear, while cleaning too little can degrade your favourite pieces over time.

There are a few factors to consider depending on the type of jewellery. Here are some tried and true techniques and tips to help you protect and maintain your jewellery.

Give to your bracelets, chains and earrings a gentle bath in a solution of jewellery cleaner. Soak them in the solution for two minutes and then rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Finally, polish your jewellery with an impregnated cotton cloth. This will shine and protect your jewellery easily.

Professional cleaner products from Hagerty 

The perfect way to clean your house for Christmas 


Start by cleaning your floors 

Hagerty proposes 3 floor cleaners and 1 shampoo concentrate to clean the carpets and rugs. Welcoming your guest with some marks on the floor is not that nice, so you should make them shiny again. To keep them clean during all the festivities, we even advise you to ask your guests to remove their shoes when entering your home.

Thanks to Hagerty products, your interior will be clean and smell great again. Here are the different products to choose from:

- Wood Care is a cleaner for the stratified and varnished wooden floors.

- Marble Care is made for the marble, polished concrete and sandstone floors.

- For the care of stoneware, terracotta, slate or Zelliges floors refer you to Natural Stone Care.

- And to clean your carpeted floors in depth, refer you to the 5* Shampoo Concentrate.


Continue by polishing your silverware 

Thanks to Hagerty products, don't be afraid to take out your silverware and silver objects more often. Indeed, the products are simple and quick to use, but above all, effective. Discover below the different cares offered, which certainly correspond to your needs:

- Silver Bath : This is a silver cutlery cleaner. It will quickly restore the shine of your silver cutlery (3-4 min.) with little effort, only by dipping the cutlery in a basket.

- Silver Care & Silver Foam : These paste and foam are made to clean your silver tableware. They will remove the oxidation and bring back the brightness to the objects.

- Silver Gloves & Silver Duster : These are silver polishing gloves and cloth, which will dust and restore lustre to your silver objects easily and quickly.

- Silver Polish : This lotion is perfect for a deep polishing of your silver objects.

- Silver Spray : The spray is made to easily clean your carved and chiseled silver objects without causing any micro-scratches or marks on the metal.


Finish by caring your precious objects 

After taking care of your home and silver items, you should now take some time to clean the things that are important to you and that you would like to wear for the celebrations.

- Jewellery care products : Hagerty offers suitable care products for your jewellery. Clean and care for them quickly and easily thanks to the cleaning baths and cloths specially designed for gold, silver, precious stones, pearls or steel.

- Leather care products: Clean and make your leather objects shine for the end of the year festivities. With Hagerty products (Leather Care and Leather Spray), you can wear your favorite leather handbag and shoes without any problems.


Now that you know how to make your objects and your interior clean, all we have to do is wish you a happy holiday season !

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