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Cleaning products for silverware, jewellery, carpets and textiles

Jewellery, Watches & Accessories Cleaners

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Care for rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches thanks to Hagerty cleaning products.


Three ways to easily clean different metals and stones, without any damage: gold, silver, platinum, steel; and of course, precious  gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls, etc.


  • Cleaning baths: specific cleaning formulas, including a basket for easy use. They allow you to gently soak your precious items in the liquid for 2- 3 minutes, and then rinse under clean water.
  • Cleaning cloths: 100% cotton, impregnated with a formula for quick polishing of your jewels, to remove oxidation and dirt and bring the brightness back.
  • Cleaning pencil: gel with brush that enables cleaning every corner of your precious stones jewellery.

Decorative Items Cleaners

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Give candlesticks, frames, vases, candleholders, chandeliers, chairs and any other decorative item a new shine thanks to the specific cleaners. 

Find the best option within our easy-to-use lotions, impregnated cloths and gloves, sprays and creams. Without any damage, items will recover their brightness and shine!

  • Silver- and silver-plated metal objects
  • Copper, bronze, and brass surfaces
  • White metals such as steel, stainless steel, and chrome
  • Plastic, PVC and plexiglas objects
  • Leather and natural wood furniture or accessories 
  • Crystal and glass objects
  • Lacquered surfaces and screens 

Silverware & Kitchen Cleaners

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Clean silver cutlery, tea sets, trays and any other tableware items, as well as your ceramic cooktop, with Hagerty caring products. 

Find the best option within our easy-to-use foaming pastes, bath, and lotion. Without any damage, items will recover their brightness and shine!

  • Silver- and silver-plated cutlery and tableware
  • Ceramic and induction hobs


What's more, it's important to store your silver pieces properly to prevent oxidation over time. 

See all the options of guards for cutlery and silver items.

  • Protective impregnated and adapted covers for silver items

Textiles, Floors & Other Surfaces Cleaners

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Deep clean carpets, textiles rugs and floors thanks to the different formulas. 

Hagerty offers various shampoos, cleaning foam, dry powder, stain remover and a textile odour remover and freshener, specially dedicated for:

  • Delicate and non-washable fabrics (oriental rugs, silk, wool, mattresses, etc.)
  • Washable furnishing fabrics (carpets, rugs, armchairs, car seats, etc.)
  • Wooden (natural, laminate and varnished), marble and natural stone (sandstone, terracotta, tomette, slate or Zelliges) floors

For daily cleaning of small surfaces, use Hagerty's microfibre gloves. Just a few drops of water will restore the shine of your bathroom and kitchen.

  • Microfibre glove for stainless steel 
  • Microfibre glove for glass and mirror 
  • Microfibre glove for ceramic and tiles

The Hagerty Club

About Hagerty

Since 1895, Hagerty has been developing cleaning products for the care of silverware, jewellery, decorative objects, textiles, floors and other surfaces. Today, with over 125 years of expertise, our products are manufactured primarily in Europe and comply with REACH regulations.

With Hagerty's wide range of products, you will find the perfect care for metals and surfaces to maintain. Our unique formulas are designed to make cleaning a pleasure and to restore the shine of your objects with ease.

Take care of your precious items effortlessly now!

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