This category includes all cleaning products for carpets, textiles, upholstery, floors and other surfaces. 

Products should be chosen according to the materials or surface to be cleaned. Hagerty offers a range of cleaning products: shampooer, stain remover spray, cleaning foam, dry shampoo, floor products and microfibre gloves.

To clean delicate fabrics, choose Dry Shampoo. To clean washable fabrics, you can use Foam Shampoo and S.O.S Spot Remover. The latter can also be used as a pre-treatment before using an injection-extraction machine with Hagerty's 5* Shampoo Concentrate.

To clean a marble floor, choose Marble Care shampoo, to clean parquet, Wood Care and to clean a natural stone floor, use Natural Stone Care. 

Finally, Hagerty offers a trio of microfibre gloves that allow you to clean windows and mirrors, ceramics and stainless steel very easily, with just a few drops of water. 

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Products for cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery:

- Cleaning carpets/couch: for a deep clean, opt for 5* Shampoo Concentrate, which should be used with an injection-extraction hoover (type Hagerty Blue H). The shampooer removes encrusted dirt and eliminates dust mites from your carpet.

- Washable fabric care: to clean a fabric sofa, carpet or other textile furniture, use Foam Shampoo. It dusts, removes stains and deodorises fabrics for several weeks. Be sure to check whether the fabric in question is washable or not. 

- Dry cleaning: to clean delicate fabrics (such as silk, wool, oriental rugs, mattresses, etc.), we recommend using Dry Shampoo. The powder will absorb dirt from the fabric and remove stains without damaging the surface.

- Textile stain remover: use S.O.S Spot Remover spray to quickly remove a stain from a textile (sofa, clothes or other fabrics). As soon as the stain appears, spray the product on as quickly as possible, then rub it in with a sponge or brush. You can then leave to dry, then vacuum the surface or machine wash.

The products are fast-acting, effective and protect textiles. They work instantly, leave no marks and your upholstery is clean and protected again.


Products for cleaning floors:

- Cleaning wooden floors: Use Wood Care shampoo to clean your wooden, laminate or varnished floors.

- Cleaning marble floors: Use Marble Care shampoo to clean and care for marble or waxed concrete floors.

- Cleaning stone floors: To clean your indoor or outdoor stoneware, terracotta, slate or zellige floors, choose Natural Stone Care shampoo.


Microfibre cleaning gloves :

Hagerty's magic gloves are ideal for daily maintenance of your surfaces. Simply wet them with a few drops of water, clean the surface and then turn the glove over to dry and shine. What's more, the gloves are reusable and machine washable.

- Cleaning windows and mirrors: the microfibre glove for glass surfaces lets you quickly clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. It removes fingerprints, grease and other dirt easily. 

- Cleaning steel and stainless steel: the microfibre glove for steel, chrome, aluminium or stainless steel surfaces is perfect for restoring the shine to your taps, sink, extractor hood or fridge, for example. 

- Cleaning tiles and ceramics: use this third magic glove to clean ceramic or tiled surfaces. It's the easiest way to remove limescale and grease stains from these surfaces. 

In short, these three microfibre gloves are a must-have for cleaning your kitchen and bathroom.


Revive colours, care for textiles and maintain your surfaces with Hagerty cleaning products.