14 January 2021

Jarosinski & Vaugoin : the story of a famous goldsmith

Tableware & Cooking

The family enterprise was established by Carl Vaugoin in 1847. He specialises in heavy hand-it board cutlery and he laid the foundations of the brand. During centuries, Jarosinski & Vaugoin received many awards (World Exhibition in Vienna 1873, Royal Honor in 1910, World Exhibition in Paris 1937, in Brussels 1958…) and equipped many King’s courts (Romanian, Arabian, Malaysian…).


Jarosinski & Vaugoin, Vienna's oldest silversmith workshop, is dedicated to luxury and tradition. For more than 160 years Jarosinski & Vaugoin have been making precious flatware, exquisite tableware and luxurious articles of daily use, silver jewellery and objects d'art only in real silver.


The art and craft of silversmith is a centuries-old tradition in Vienna, cherished by Jarosinski & Vaugoin since its inception in 1847. The company is one of the last in its guild to manufacture high-quality silver objects by hand, applying to traditional craftsmanship. Consequently specially-created and custom-made pieces could be offered to the clients.

The extensive flatware collection encompasses more than 200 different cutlery patterns with an enormous variety of models, from plain to richly ornamented forms, all major periods being represented. The most popular styles are Baroque, Chippendale, and Art Nouveau as well as the handle ornaments of the “Wiener Werkstätte “. These are exclusively reproduced by Jarosinski & Vaugoin.

Their sublime creations displaying an extraordinary quality of material and craftsmanship are in exceptional demand all over the world. The company’s international success has always been based on the manufacture of heavy, hand-forged table cutlery and table-ware.

An essential element of their success is to offer individual designs, meeting exactly the clients’ expectations. Their silverware become almost part of your family, present for every important moment, from baptism to weddings. These objects you love enlighten the best moments of your life.

For years now, they are working with Hagerty. They use cleaning products, especially the silver related ones, in their daily work. Thus, they recommend Hagerty to take care of precious silverware.