07 June 2021

What is the best cooktop cleaner?

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Ceramic cooktops have an appealing look, and many people who are considering kitchen upgrades prefer to install ceramic cooktops to give their home a sleek, modern look. It lies flat and flush against the countertop, blending in to give your kitchen a seamless, minimalist look. Many people are unaware that ceramic cooktops need more maintenance than conventional cooktops.

The most critical aspect of ceramic cooktops is cleaning them and keeping them in good working condition. Proper care, healthy hygiene practices, and daily cleaning are required to keep your ceramic cooktop's shine and smooth appearance. Although there is no way to guarantee the cooktop's longevity, routine cleaning can reduce scratches in the long run.


Which product to use for induction and ceramic cooktop ?

The Hagerty cooktop cleaner, Cooktop Care, wipes and maintains induction and ceramic cooktops. It makes for easy cleaning and removal of oil stains and other debris without causing damage to the surface. Cleaning the stove after each use is the safest way to keep it clean. This would prevent grease from spreading on the cooktop. The natural oils in food cooked on the stovetop will stain the surface, leaving dark stains. Cleaning a ceramic cooktop to remove discoloration necessitates thorough cleaning.

Cooktop Care includes diatomaceous earth, which is gentle on induction and ceramic surfaces while still removing deep-rooted dirt without damaging them. Cooktop Care involves an imperceptible agent that prevents impurities from adhering to the surface again. On induction and ceramic cooktops, the lotion has almost immediate benefits and leaves no stains or marks.


Easy-to-use cleaning product

When the area has cooled, disinfect it with a cream ceramic cooktop cleaner. Scrub with a lightweight scrubbing pad designed for the role. The abrasive aspect of a scrubbing pad made especially for a glass cooktop aids in removing stubborn discoloration by releasing the stain. Wipe the area clean using a wet paper towel.

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