Carpet and rug cleaning

How can I clean and remove stains from my carpet?

Textiles washable with water:

If necessary, start by removing stubborn stains from your carpet using Hagerty S.O.S Spot Remover. 

Then use an injection-extraction machine (such as Hagerty Blue H) to thoroughly clean your carpet.

For small surfaces, such as car seats, upholstered furniture or small carpets, you can use Hagerty Foam Shampoo.


Textiles that cannot be washed in water:

We recommend that you clean your non-washable carpets/textiles with a dry shampoo such as Hagerty Dry Shampoo. The dry powder will clean and freshen your textiles.


Instructions for use can be found on the product pages in the "Textile, floor and other surface cleaners" category.

What are the risks involved in cleaning carpets and rugs?

- Do not vacuum up excess water or cleaning product.

- Not allowing the surface to dry properly.

- Washing with water when the textile should not be wet.

How can I dry my carpet after cleaning?

- Weather permitting, lay your carpet out in the sun to speed up drying or open the windows wide.

- Otherwise, leave your carpet to dry indoors, stretching it out well and not placing anything on it (risk of marking the textile).

Can I clean my carpets myself or should I call in a professional?

You can do it yourself. If the stains persist after you've cleaned them yourself, contact a professional.

Are Hagerty products harmful to my children or pets at home?

- No, they won't. You can safely use Hagerty products at home.

- However, make sure you keep them out of the reach of children and close them tightly after use.

- As with all cleaning products, ventilate rooms regularly.

When is the best time to clean my carpets?

Whenever you feel it's necessary. Otherwise, you can wait for the big spring or autumn cleaning.