This category includes all products to maintain, clean and take care of your jewelry, watches and accessories without damaging them. The products can be chosen according to the materials or stones to be cleaned. The products are cleaning baths or specially impregnated cloths. Clean and care of your necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches easily and quickly.

Differences between baths and cloths:

The baths allow a complete and deep cleaning of your precious objects, which are immersed in exclusive Hagerty formulas. They are very easy to use thanks to the basket included. Thus, the objects are perfectly cleaned in a few minutes.

The specific impregnated cloths allow quick maintenance. They allow jewellery to shine every day. Simply polish the jewellery with the cloth to find the lustre.

How to choose the ideal product:

The products are very specific depending on the materials or stones of the jewellery. If the jewellery contains materials that are not cleaned by the same product, it is preferable to give preference to the most delicate part of the piece (e. g. emerald) and complete the treatment with the specific cloth for the rest of the piece (usually silver or gold).

Clean and care your jewellery, watches and accessories with Hagerty products !