This category contains all the maintenance products to care for and to protect your tableware and cooking items without damaging them in particular for silver objects. The products can be chosen depending on the materials or the surfaces which are to be cleaned. The products can be pastes, baths, pouches or lotions.

The differences between the products to care for silver:

The pastes allow a deep cleaning and require water so the maintenance is longer but easier for big objects. The products which are pastes contain a sponge.

The baths allow a complete and deep maintenance of the cutlery which is immersed in Hagerty’s exclusive formulas. They are very easy to use as they contain a basket to put in the silverware. Thus, the cutlery is perfectly cleaned in a few minutes or seconds.

The pouches are to be used to protect the silver items not to clean them. Thus, the objects are protected from oxidation and tarnish.

The products act rapidly, are efficient and do not damage the objects.

The products have almost instant effects and do not cause any scratches or marks on the metals or on the surfaces. The objects are cleaned and shiny again.

Make shine, maintain and care for your tableware and cooking items with Hagerty’s cleaning products.