Odour Eliminator : odour neutraliser and destroyer of unpleasant odours from textiles


Spray that removes smells from carpets and all other textiles

Product Number : A118051

NOK 189.00


Product information

500 ml

The spray restores freshness to textiles, especially those that can get wet but are difficult to wash such as carpets, curtains, upholstery, mattresses, car seats and even hats or bags.

The Odour Eliminator will destroy the molecules responsible for unpleasant odours like tobacco, smoke, food (frying, fat, etc.) animal secretions, vomit, sweat, mold.

The formula will not mask the bad odours but encapsulate and eliminate them.

It does not alter the original texture or colour, respects the fibers and does not leave residues or marks.

Made with 100% Natural ingredients, minimising risk of allergies.

With long-lasting natural fragrance, that will last for several days.

Safe to be used in environment with children, pets, plants, etc.

How to use the product ?

Shake well and spray directly on the surfaces. Let dry.

Can be used on all kinds of  textiles.


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