How can I clean my gold-plated jewellery?

Start by checking whether or not the plating is worn and in good condition. In all cases, for plated jewellery we recommend using a cloth, a specially impregnated cloth, rather than a cleaning bath, for better protection of your delicate jewellery. 

If the object is not worn and the gold layer is in good condition, you can use the "Gold Cloth", the impregnated cloth for cleaning gold jewellery. Be sure to rub the surface gently, starting with an inconspicuous part of the object to check the result. 

If the plating is worn, you should be able to see the base metal and determine what it is: is it silver, brass, etc.? If so, you'll need to choose the right treatment for it:

- Gold layer and silver base: We advise you to use the "Silver Cloth", the impregnated cloth that will clean and remove the oxidation from the silver that comes out.

- Gold layer and brass base - We recommend using the Copper, Brass & Bronze Duster, an impregnated cloth specially designed for cleaning brass, copper and bronze. 

If the gold layer is worn or damaged, we recommend that you visit a jeweller for professional repair.