06 July 2021

How to clean diamond jewellery?

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Diamonds are natural grease magnets, making them difficult to keep clean. When you handle a gem, the oils from your fingertips cling to the back, reducing its brilliance and fire. So how do you keep the gems in tip-top shape?

Bring a little gemology to the mix before you try to clean your jewels yourself. Once you know your jewellery type, it's time to clean them.


Use a diamond jewellery cleaner

Use Hagerty Precious Stones Pencil, our special pencil with brush, for the cleaning of your precious stones. Just twist open the cap to extract the gel and rub the tip of the brush onto the surface to clean. Once you have finished brushing, wash the piece with clear tap water. Make sure that you dry them afterward in an open environment.

Anyone who wants to keep their jewellery shining would love this fantastic brush pen cleaner. Safe to use on all fine jewellery, vintage, gemstone, and diamonds.


Hagerty Precious Stones Pencil

Our brush pen is specially designed for cleaning and caring for diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. The pencil contains an exclusive Hagerty solution containing active ingredients that penetrate and remove stains and dirt on gemstones. Unique polishing agents are used in the cleaning gel to restore the shine. You can reach behind the stones and their mountings with the soft brush without causing any harm. It is easy to use and ideal for travel.

This product uses the finest ingredients to clear grease, soap slime, gunk, and dirt from your precious stones. It cleans your jewellery quickly and effectively.


Find out also our bath and our cloth to clean and care for your diamond jewellery : Jewel Clean and Jewel Cloth.

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