19 January 2021

Carpet : haves or haves not ?

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Last time I went to my friend’s house I literally fell asleep on the floor. You have to understand ! A carpeted floor in front of a fireplace! It is literally impossible to resist.

Thus, I started liking carpeted floors very much and wanted one as well for my own room. But when I searched for information on the internet, I discovered that my fondness was not shared by everyone.

So I wondered about the pros and cons which will make me choose whether I would settle or not for this great-sleeping material (I can sleep anywhere mind you but carpet is more comfy).

I want to say that most of the pros and cons I found are more or less based on our five senses which is pretty funny.


The sense of sight : Carpet covers the imperfection of the floor as nothing else. Your whole floor will look flawless !

The sense of touch : You do not need to wear slippers to be extra-comfy on this floor. During winter it creates a nice cozy room particularly enjoyable as it snows outside.

The sense of hearing : Carpet blocks out sounds which is great if your neighbour is a troublemaker making noise at 4 in the morning. (I am talking about experience here !)


The sense of touch : Carpets are prone to capture dust and mites which is already a problem but which is amplified if you have babies and small children or any pets. Carpets capture allergens pretty fast as well and need maintenance more often than another flooring solution.

The sense of smell: Carpets capture the smells as well. Either your pet decided to take a much-needed nap on it or your friend spilled drinks there, the smell will not go that easily.

The sense of taste : …. I certainly hope I’ll never find anything regarding this sense when I talk about carpets….


Thus, the conclusion is pretty simple to me. Carpeted floors are generally cheaper than other floors but they also have a higher maintenance cost. They must be taken care of more often. So you have to be conscious of that if you want to put carpet in a room.

As for me I am very lazy when it comes to cleaning things often. So I am going to put carpet in a corner of my room to make it the comfy corner with foostools. I have my comfy place and it will not take too long to maintain !


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