19 January 2021

How to choose the right earrings?

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My ears are not pierced and actually this was not a problem at all for me until just recently. I went to a jewellery store and just found the perfect (red of course) jewellery which would suit the dress I bought for Christmas. Only a oh (not) so tiny detail: these pieces were earrings. Since I could not ignore my love at first sight for these, I now have to have my ears pierced.


Thus, I started to search about earrings and how to wear them. I found out that there are actually some kind of rules. Let's see what they are then!


The earrings you are wearing should match with the kind of face you have:
-if you have a round face, you should choose long angular dangling earrings which will make your features look finer.
-if you have a square or rectangular face, choose round earrings with soft edges. Any length is ok!
-if you have an oval face, well lucky you! Anything goes, you'll look awesome!
-if you have a heart-shaped face, better choose round earrings which are not too long.


Last but not least remember that this advice does not cover everything. Before anything else you have to wear pieces you like which make you feel beautiful and build up your self-confidence!