19 January 2021

How to choose the right watch strap ?

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The watch strap is an essential part of fashion. It comes in all its forms and with increasingly varied colours and materials. It becomes more and more difficult to choose, especially since each material has a specific meaning. Here are some tips to help you choose.

The traditional watchband is the leather one. It is a noble and refined material that offers a wide choice of colours. It is the ultimate material of luxury. It often appears as a guarantee of quality because the finishing, tanning and processing techniques are very specific. Nevertheless, with this material the adjustment holes are quickly damaged. It becomes easily dirty especially when you choose light leather. In brief, if you want your watch to be a touch of luxury in your outfit and if you like to change, leather is made for you.

The metal bracelet is known for its durability. Choose metal if you want to keep your watch for the long term. There are different colours and materials, but the choice is more limited than with leather. Pink gold, white gold, gold, silver or stainless steel are the main colours of the metal bracelets. If you are an active and constant person, the metal bracelet will suit you perfectly.

The plastic or silicone bracelet has a young fashion side which pleases a lot, and which is opposed to the traditional image of the leather bracelet. Symbol of dynamism, this bracelet is the prerogative of the athlete. Cheap and versatile, this bracelet often goes with multifunction watches (waterproof, chronometer, GPS...).

Other types of bracelets are also available on the market, such as wooden or nylon bracelets. Although a minority compared to other materials, these bracelets are attracting more and more people who want to change, at reasonable prices, their usual watches. (Easily) interchangeable, striped or plain, nylon bracelets exist in many variants, which makes them particularly interesting to put colour to your wrist. They can be worn in both dress and casual styles and are practical and lightweight, which is an asset in summer. If you like colours and if you want something practical and relatively strong, choose the nylon bracelet.

Regarding wooden bracelets, they surf on the "wild trend" of our current society. “More new technologies advance, more things become dematerialized, and more we need to take root, to reconnect with matter (stone, earth, raw wood), to rediscover sensations, strong and primary emotions” says Elizabeth Leriche, member of the French Observatory of Home and Object Fair and trend hunter. Nature becomes a major theme, it imposes itself as an essential element and inspires creators. Wooden watch bands usually combine natural, artisanal manufacture and respect for the environment. By giving the feeling of having a piece of nature on the wrist, wooden bracelets now have a growing place on the watch market. If you wish to encourage respect for the environment and ethical trade, the wooden bracelet will be in keeping with your values.


You now have all the cards in hand to choose the bracelet that suits you. Whatever it is, the bracelet needs to be maintained to last in time and to keep all its brilliance. Hagerty products are here to do so.

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