Silver Care : silver and silver-plated metal cleaning paste

Paste to clean and maintain silver and silver-plated metal



Product Number : A116051



Product information

185 g

Cleans and takes care of silver and silver-plated objects. It allows to maintain, to restore the luster and to polish oxidized metals without scratching their surface.

The paste gives back brightness to the objects.

Silver Care makes silver and silver-plated trays, plates and other tarnished objects shine. It maintains in depth tarnished silver. The paste protects from oxidization for several weeks and removes dirt from silvery.

The care acts rapidly, is efficient and does not damage the objects.

The paste is very efficient. Its quick action makes it particularly efficient for the maintenance of silver and silver-plated objects which are used frequently for the service. It contains soaps and vegetal solvents. The paste has almost instant effects and does not cause any scratches or marks on the precious metal. The silvery is cleaned and shiny again.

How to use the product ?

  • Dampen the sponge in warm water and apply Hagerty Silver Care to the silver.
  • Clean silver thoroughly.
  • Rinse in clear warm water.
  • Buff with a soft dry cloth to obtain a brilliant longer lasting luster.

For the care of silver, silver-plated metal as well as pewter and steel refer to Silver and Multimetal Foam.

Did you know?

Silver is a precious metal which requires to be cleaned more frequently than the others. Indeed, it blackens when in contact with sulfide which is in the air and which speeds up oxidation. Thus, if you want to slow down the process and protect your silver items, you need to store then in a dry and closed place. You can use protection covers as well like the Silver Guard Holloware Bag from Hagerty. If your items are used for decoration, then be aware that they will need maintenance more often.

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