Silver Guard - Cutlery Rolls - Table

3 impregnated pouches of different sizes to protect and care for silverware.



Product Number : P100075



Product information

3 pouches for 12 table spoons - 12 table forks - 12 table knives

Opt for this trio pack. The pouches protect and take care of the silver cutlery. They keep them safe from oxidation caused by sulfur in the air. They prevent the cutlery from darkening too quickly. Each pouch holds 12 pieces.

  • Table Spoons - 66 x 41 cm
  • Table Forks - 43.5 x 43 cm
  • Table knives - 46.5 x 51 cm

How to use the product ?

Simply store items in the Silver Guard Cutlery Roll.


High quality impregnated fabric.

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