07 February 2024

How to clean gemstone jewellery? Our tips and advices

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In the jewellery world, every piece is unique, adorned with stones that captivate with their brilliance and timeless beauty. Whether it's a sparkling diamond, a flamboyant ruby or a deep blue sapphire, these gems are treasures to be cherished. 

However, over time, even the most precious jewels can lose their brilliance through the accumulation of dust, dirt and residue. That's why it's essential to know the best practices for cleaning and caring for your jewellery, especially those with stones.

In this article, we will explore in detail the different methods and products for effectively cleaning precious jewellery, highlighting the innovative solutions offered by Hagerty. 

From the evolution of jewellery cleaning, to the importance of choosing the right product, to practical tips for effective cleaning, we'll guide you through the essential steps to preserving the beauty and sparkle of your jewels for generations to come.


The evolution of jewellery cleaning

In the age of modern technology, jewellery cleaning has evolved considerably. Traditional, often laborious methods have given way to faster, simpler and more effective solutions. Brands such as Hagerty have played a key role in this evolution, offering a range of cleaning products specially formulated to meet the unique needs of each type of stone.

Some people opt for the eternal grandmother's recipes for cleaning their jewellery, such as using mild soap and water, or bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar, but these methods can ruin your pieces if used incorrectly and are not specially developed for cleaning diamonds. 

That's why Hagerty, with over 125 years of expertise, has developed a complete range of cleaning products, from cleaning baths to impregnated cloths, each specifically designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of different precious and semi-precious stones. 

Thanks to these innovative products, cleaning jewellery with stones has become easier and more effective than ever, offering professional results without compromising the quality or durability of the gems.


Choosing the right cleaning product for your jewellery

When it comes to cleaning gemstones, choosing the right product is essential to ensure safe care. Hagerty offers a diverse range of products, each specially formulated to meet the specific needs of different stones. Whether your jewellery is adorned with sparkling diamonds, luminous pearls or synthetic stones, there's a care product to suit...



Diamond and gemstone ring cleaner

Hagerty's most popular products include Jewel Clean and Jewel Cloth, ideal for caring for precious stones (diamonds, rubies and sapphires). Thanks to their gentle, non-abrasive formula, these cleaners offer in-depth care while preserving the natural brilliance of gems. 


Hagerty Jewel Clean

The Jewel Clean cleaning bath is specially formulated for cleaning gold or platinum jewellery with diamonds, sapphires or rubies.

The jar contains a basket in which the jewellery can easily be placed and the soaking time is 2-3 minutes. The small brush included in the pack comes in handy for gently removing any dirt that may have settled between the prongs.

In a very short time, your ring, necklace or gemstone earring will be back to its former glory. The treatment will not cause any micro-scratches or marks on your jewellery.


Hagerty Jewel Cloth

Jewel Cloth impregnated cloth is a 100% cotton fabric that restores the shine of jewellery with precious stones without damaging them. In fact, none of the components in the dry impregnation are granular. 

Quickly restore the shine of dull stones on your bracelets, rings and other precious objects. 


Precious Stones Pencil

One formula that stands out from the rest is Hagerty's cleaning pen, which has been specially designed to clean and care for diamonds, sapphires and rubies. 

The cleaning gel contains polishing agents and specific cleansers that restore the lustre of precious stones. The small brush at the end of the pen lets you gently reach the smallest nooks and crannies of stones and settings, and clean them without damaging them.


Cleaning a pearl necklace

For fine, organic stones such as pearls, opals, aquamarines, lapis lazuli and emeralds, Hagerty offers Fine Stones Clean and Fine Stones Cloth, specially designed to gently clean delicate stones.


Fine Stones Clean

The Fine Stones Clean cleaning bath is a gentle formula based on glycerine and plant-based solvents, specially designed for cleaning jewellery with fine or organic stones.

The jar contains a small basket into which the jewellery can easily be placed, and the soaking time is 2-3 minutes. Then simply dry the piece well with a soft cloth.


Fine Stones Cloth

Fine Stones Cloth impregnated cloth is a 100% cotton cloth that restores the shine of jewellery with fine or organic stones. None of the components in the dry impregnation are gritty, so you can safely clean brooches, necklaces or earrings with stones.

Give pearls, emeralds, opals, corals or turquoise a polish and your pieces will sparkle again. 


Cleaning costume jewellery

For synthetic or artificial stones, such as cubic zirconia, Hagerty offers Fashion Jewelry Clean and Fashion Jewelry Cloth, designed to quickly restore the brilliance of these stones. 


Fashion Jewelry Clean

The Fashion Jewelry Clean soaking bath offers deep cleaning and cares for jewellery with zirconium, crystals or glass.

The jar contains a small basket into which the jewellery can easily be placed. Simply leave the jewellery to soak for 2-3 minutes, rinse well with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.


Fashion Jewelry Cloth

Fashion Jewelry Cloth impregnated chamois cleans and protects brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings or any other object with zirconia, crystal or glass.

The 100% cotton fabric, made from high-quality fibres, makes it easy to care for costume jewellery on a daily basis without damaging it. 


Cleaning a silver ring with an diamond

For this type of jewellery, we recommend using Precious Stones Pencil (cleaning gel) to clean the precious stone, then cleaning the metal of the ring with Silver Cloth (impregnated cloth for cleaning dull and oxidised silver).

Visit the interactive guide to find the right product for your jewellery.



Tips for effective cleaning

For the best possible results when cleaning jewellery with stones, follow these handy tips:

- Follow the instructions: Before using a cleaning product, be sure to read the instructions carefully. These can vary depending on the type of stone, so it's important to follow them to avoid any damage.

- Clean regularly: To preserve the beauty of jewellery pieces, clean them regularly to remove the build-up of dirt, sebum and cosmetic product residues. Regular cleaning will keep jewellery sparkling and shiny for many years.

- Protect your jewellery: After cleaning, be sure to store your jewellery and accessories in a place protected from dust, moisture and direct sunlight. Keep them in a cloth-lined box or individual pouches to avoid scratches and damage.


For more tips on maintaining and purchasing preloved jewellery, visit S&R Jewellers, one of Europe’s leading pre-owned luxury resellers. They offer a wide selection of beautifully maintained pre-owned pieces and expert advice on keeping your jewellery in top condition.


In conclusion, cleaning jewellery with stones is essential to preserve their beauty and value. Thanks to Hagerty products, you can give your jewellery a professional cleaning quickly and easily. 

By following our practical advice and choosing the right products, you will preserve the brilliance and shine of your jewellery for generations to come. 

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