19 January 2021

How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

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Getting engaged is a meaningful act. Who has never dreamed of being bonded to their most important person forever? Well I might be too much of a romantic but I certainly hope I'll be able to experience that one day... But anyway! One very important part of getting engaged is, yes, the feelings of course. But let's not forget about the traditional object which is used as a proof of connection. I am talking about the engagement ring of course.


Without going too far and buying a 7.5 million pound ring for your lover like some well-known people do (the first example that comes to my mind is Mariah Carey's ring actually), one must be careful when choosing the ring.

So many possibilities! Different colours, various precious stones and so on... Which one will she or he prefer?


First of all, you have the diamond which is pretty much a safe choice. It goes with every colour of skin and the stone is the symbol of purity and eternity. Be careful about the quality of the stone and you will make her/him perfectly happy.

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But come on! I personally like originality and a coloured stone would be so cool as well. Emerald symbolizes hope and ruby goes with happiness and passion. If you know the person you are getting engaged to very well (and you should!) the choice will be easier for the colour or the stone (a red ruby would be perfect for me...anywaaaay).

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After the stone, you also have to make a choice for the metal. White gold is the most common choice but yellow and rose gold are also getting popular. Platinum might be a good choice as well as it is more resistant. Again, your choice also depends on your lover's best interest, his/her job for example. If his/her work is physical, better take a more resistant one.

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You should also think about the wedding ring. It is better if both rings go well together!

Last but not least, remember that for any romantic (~~such as myself~~) the most important thing is love. The ring is only a concrete way to show it.

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