24 October 2023

How do you clean your silver, copper or stainless steel objects?


Silver, copper and stainless steel objects are often precious treasures, both aesthetically and sentimentally. To keep them in perfect condition, regular maintenance is necessary. 

Fortunately, Hagerty offers three metal polish creams, each dedicated to one of these precious metals. These solutions, called "Polish", have been designed to be easy to use while providing a deep clean. In this article, we will explore the specifics of Hagerty's products and explain how to care for silver, copper, bronze, brass and stainless steel objects effectively.


Hagerty cleaning products

One of the key qualities of Hagerty polishing lotions is their ease of use. Designed to meet the needs of individuals and experts alike, they restore the shine of your objects quickly. 

The second essential quality of these liquid solutions is their controlled granulometry. This means that the abrasive particles in the product are specially calibrated so as not to cause micro-scratches on the surface of your objects. So you can be sure that your items will remain intact, even after repeated cleaning.

To clean, start by applying a small amount of the product to a soft, dry and clean cloth. Now it's time for some mechanical action, one of the special features of Hagerty Polish (this is different from immersion cleaning). Gently but effectively rub the surface to be polished.  

Leave the lotion to dry for 1-2 minutes, then wipe with a clean, soft cloth. In a short space of time, this operation removes dirt, stains and residues and thoroughly cleans the base metal.

Once the cleaning is complete, the protective layer will activate and protect your objects for a long time. This will obviously depend on storage and environmental conditions (light, air, frequency of use, etc.).


Silver cleaner

Silver is a metal that has always been associated with elegance and refinement. Silver objects, such as silverware, jewellery and decorative items, require regular care to preserve their beauty. Hagerty Silver Polish for silver and silver-plated metal objects is the ideal product for this purpose.

The lotion is specially formulated for silver care and is particularly effective at removing tarnish and stains caused by oxidation. Using this polishing cream will restore your silver objects to their original shine, while protecting them at the same time.


Copper, bronze and brass cleaning solution

These three metals have unique properties and characteristics, but they all tend to oxidise and tarnish over time. To bring your copper, brass and bronze objects back to life, Hagerty Copper, Brass & Bronze Polish is the perfect solution.

The lotion is specially designed to remove stains and oxidation, while preserving the original colour. It cleans thoroughly without causing micro-scratches on the surface, leaving your items shiny and bright.


Stainless steel, steel and chrome cleaner

Stainless steel is prized for its corrosion resistance and shine. However, it can be prone to limescale stains, rust, fingerprints and grease marks. The same applies to chrome. Hagerty White Metal Polish is specially formulated to remove these imperfections and restore the beauty of your white metal objects.

Using this product will clean and polish the stainless steel, steel and chrome surfaces while leaving a protective layer that helps prevent new stains and marks.



Tips for optimum care of metals

In addition to using Hagerty polish, here are a few tips for ideal care of precious metal objects:

- Avoid abrasive products: Do not use corrosive products, as they may cause scratches and irreparable damage.

- Wash by hand: If possible, wash the objects by hand rather than in the dishwasher. Dishwasher detergents and high temperatures could dull the shine of silver and stainless steel.

- Dry thoroughly: After cleaning with water, be sure to dry your items thoroughly with a soft cloth to avoid water marks.

- Store objects properly: Store them in a dry place away from humidity to prevent oxidation.

- Use polishing cloths: Use specially impregnated cleaning cloth for cleaning these different metals, to keep them shiny between major cleanings (see Hagerty polishing cloth). 


Polishing cloth: silver, steel, chrome, brass, copper

Hagerty offers 3 specific polishing cloths for each of these metals (to be used in addition to the 3 Polishes for perfect cleaning). Simply rub the objects gently but thoroughly with the cloth and replace it as soon as the surface is completely black. Do not wash or rinse Hagerty fabrics, as this will remove the impregnation. 

In fact, cleaning with the lotion allows for in-depth maintenance, whereas using a cloth will allow for delicate polishing, for daily use, which quickly restores the object's shine. The brand has developed a care product for each metal.


Silver polishing cloth

Hagerty Silver Duster is a specially impregnated cleaning cloth for the care of silver and silver-plated metal objects. The fabric protects and removes dirt and oxidation from decorative and other precious objects. 

Cleaning is fast, effective and won't cause any micro-scratches or marks on the metal (100% cotton fabric, made from high-quality fibres).

It can be used in conjunction with Hagerty Silver Polish.


Polishing cloth for copper, bronze and brass

Hagerty Copper, Brass & Bronze Duster is a 100% cotton cloth impregnated with a special formula for the care of copper, brass and bronze objects and surfaces. 

The cloth contains natural oils and clay to polish, renovate and smooth the surface, while providing a pearlescent and anti-tarnishing effect.

It can be used in conjunction with Hagerty Copper, Brass & Bronze Polish.


Polishing cloth for stainless steel and chrome

Hagerty White Metal Duster is an impregnated cloth for daily care of steel, stainless steel and chrome surfaces and objects.

Quickly remove fingerprints from the fridge, oven, coffee machine or other stainless steel household appliance with this polishing duster. 

It can be used in conjunction with Hagerty White Metal Polish.



In conclusion, Hagerty polishing formulas are indispensable allies for cleaning and maintaining your silver, copper and stainless steel objects. Their ease of use, controlled granulometry, mechanical cleaning action and ability to leave a protective layer on the surface of the object make them superior products for preserving the beauty of your possessions.

Thanks to Hagerty's polishing kit (Lotion polish + Polishing cloth), you and future generations will be able to enjoy these precious metal objects for many years to come... 

Please do not hesitate to contact us: hagerty@hagerty.world

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