Silver Care & Silver Guard

Cleaning paste and impregnated protective cover for silver objects



Product Number : P100031



Product information

This duo pack allows you to clean your silver and silver-plated objects and to store them in an impregnated cover to protect them from oxidation.

Silver Care: The cleaning paste and its sponge allow you to shine the trays, the dishes or other objects in silver or silver plated metal tarnished. It provides deep care for blackened silver and protects against oxidation for several weeks.

Silver Guard - Holloware bag (Medium - 40 x 40 cm): This impregnated bag allows you to store your silverware and protects it against oxidation.

How to use the product ?

Silver Care:

  • Moisten the sponge and apply Silver Care.
  • Gently clean the object and rinse well.
  • Dry with a soft dry cloth for a brighter and longer lasting shine.

Silver Guard :

  • Simply store objects in the Silver Guard - Holloware bag.


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