13 May 2022

7 tips for keeping a clean house

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It's not always easy to keep your home clean and tidy, especially if you don't like cleaning. We advise you not to wait until the last moment to take care of your home, but to do a regular clean. 


How to keep your home clean all year round? 

Cleaning the living room, kitchen, bathroom and all other rooms in the house requires a certain amount of care. Dust gets everywhere, especially on furniture, sofas and other textiles. The first step is to get rid of the dust. Here are some recommendations for keeping your home clean all year round.


1 - Clean your floor and tiles 

The first step in cleaning is to remove dust and dirt from your furniture and floors. Vacuum thoroughly in every room of your home, regardless of the type of floor. Under the furniture, under the carpet, but also behind the furniture.

Then it's time to mop the floor for a thorough clean. Depending on the type of floor (wooden floor, tiles, marble, etc.), make sure you choose a suitable shampoo and mix it with a litre of water. Then use the mixture to shine your floors and remove all stubborn stains.

Finally, it is important to let it dry well. Your house will smell good and your floor will be sparkling again.  


2 - Clean your carpets

The next step is to clean the carpets. Sometimes a simple airing is enough for small carpets. Shake them out of the window and let them air out for a while.

For larger carpets or rugs, start by vacuuming them to remove any remaining dust or hair left behind by your pet.

You can then remove visible stains with a stain remover. We advise you to test the product on an inconspicuous part of the carpet to check that it does not damage your textile.

Finally, you can deep clean the carpet or rug with a special shampoo and an injection-extraction machine (Hagerty type).

Be careful to choose the right cleaning product for the carpet material and read the instructions for use before use.


3 - Clean your bathroom

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom sometimes needs a thorough clean. Over time, limescale, mould and dust build-up will increase. This means that it is important to disinfect this room and all its equipment. Always remember to pay attention to the grout around the tiles.

To restore the shine to your bathroom equipment, apply a scouring cream to the walls of the sink, shower or bathtub, then rub the surface to be cleaned with a sponge. This should help remove any stubborn grime.

Focus on areas that are difficult to clean with a toothbrush, such as around taps, shower heads and corners of the bath and shower. This is because limescale tends to stick to these areas for a long time. 

Leave the product to work for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water. Finally, wipe all the surfaces you have just cleaned with a dry microfibre cloth.

There are also specific products for cleaning tiles and bathrooms, which will make the task easier and more pleasant.


4 - Care for and wash your textiles

Now you can start cleaning your bed linen and other textiles in your rooms, which are veritable dust mite nests.

Take advantage of this great clean to wash your textiles in a way you never did before. Duvet and pillows in the washing machine. You can also simply give them some fresh air, a less radical but quicker solution.

Think about your fabric sofa too. Before cleaning, you should first dust it. Then apply a foam or dry shampoo designed for cleaning fabric furniture (Hagerty type). These products will thoroughly clean and maintain carpets, upholstery and textiles quickly. 


5 - Sort your cupboards

Rearranging your kitchen cupboards and other cabinets as you go along can help you know what needs to be moved or cleared out. 

Sometimes it is necessary to take courage and do a thorough sorting in all the rooms of the house, especially where you tend to pile up mess. Throw away things you no longer use and remove the clutter, free up space and optimise your storage.  


6 - Maintain your appliances

While cleaning and tidying up your kitchen, take the opportunity to give your appliances a clean sweep.

For example, you can switch your oven to pyrolysis mode at 500°C. This will remove the grease accumulated during the last few uses and clean your oven. Also run your dishwasher empty, at maximum rinse heat, with your usual dose of detergent and check that the nozzles are not blocked.

Also, don't forget to descale your coffee maker and kettle using a specific descaler or detergent for cleaning appliances. You can then be pleased you have left everything spotless


7 - Make your table shine

Finally, take care of your table accessories. Has your silverware tarnished? Don't worry, it's normal. Silver oxidises over time and eventually turns black. This is an unavoidable change, but you can easily remedy it. Silver cutlery, silver platter or silver coffee set, make your silverware shine with a few simple and effective tips.

With the help of suitable and appropriate silver cleaning products (Hagerty type), you can give all your silver and silver-plated objects a new lease of life in no time.


Professional cleaners and multi-surface care for the house 

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Deep clean your carpet, rugs and textiles with 5* Shampoo Concentrate, a cleaning shampoo to be used with an injection-extraction machine

Make your floors shine with our shampoos specially designed for parquet, marble or stone floors. They remove dust and dirt and eliminate stains and odours. Some of them contain essential oils which will give your home a delicate and fragrant scent.


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Silver care product

Finally, take care of your silver or silver-plated objects with Hagerty products. We offer different types of cleaning products to suit your needs. Clean your silver quickly and easily with bath, paste, foam, gloves or specially impregnated cotton cloth


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