This category contains all the maintenance products to care for your decoration items or high-tech devices without damaging them in particular for silver objects. The products can be chosen depending on the materials or the metals which are to be cleaned. The products can be lotions, cloths, gloves, sprays or creams.

The differences between the various cleaning products for silver:

The products can be chosen depending on what material must be cleaned. However, there are many Hagerty products to maintain silver and silver-plated objects. How can one choose between a lotion, a cloth, gloves or sprays?

A lotion allows a deep cleaning and requires a sponge or a soft cloth.

The cloth allow a quick and daily maintenance for the items. It will make the surface of the items shine.

The gloves make the cleaning easier for people who want to hold the items. The hands stay dry and cleaned as well.

The spray is a good solution for chiseled and engraved items as it leaves a thin layer of product to eliminate all the dust and dirt.

Make shine, maintain and care for your decoration items with Hagerty’s cleaning products.