White Metal Duster : cleaning cloth for steel and stainless steel objects

Impregnated cloth for cleaning steel, stainless steel and chrome objects



Product Number : A118057



Product information

55 x 36 cm

100% cotton cloth, with exclusive Hagerty dry impregnation for cleaning steel, stainless steel and chrome items, with anti-tarnish effect.

Thanks to natural oils and clay, it polishes and refurbishes, smoothing the surface and providing a drip-off effect.

Antibacterial cloth.

Cloths are made with 60% solar energy and produced in a resource-saving manner. They are made from sustainable raw materials (recycled cotton rest of other cloths productions). They contain natural clay and oils and are dyed with environmentally friendly colors. Can be disposed in household waste.

How to use the product ?

Gently buff the objects with the cloth. 

Do not wash the cloth.

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