High Tech Cloth & Anti-Static Duster

Microfibre cloth and impregnated cloth to clean and care screens, lacquered surfaces and plastic items



Product Number : P100043



Product information

Opt for this Duo Pack to clean fingerprints easily and avoid dust deposits for up to 14 days.

The High Tech Cloth is a microfibre cloth that clean and removes grease or fingers marks on screens/glasses/crystal/polycarbonate items. It is to be used to clean the items.

The Anti-static Duster is also a microfibre cloth, but with a special impregnation. He is providing an antistatic effect on lacquered surfaces, plastic objects and screens (up to 14 days dust free and roll-off effect for humidity). It is to be used as an after-care (once the objects have already been cleaned).

How to use the product ?

  • To clean the object, rub softly the screen, the crystal, the glass or polycarbonate surface with the High Tech Cloth.
  • After cleaning the surface, gently buff it with the Anti-static Duster.
  • The anti-static effect will prevent the deposit of dust on treated surfaces.

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