29 May 2024

How do you care for and clean your antiques and collectors' items?


Antiques and collectors' items are treasures that require special care to preserve their beauty and value over time. Whether you own antique silverware, precious jewellery, wooden furniture or copper, brass or bronze objects, it's essential to know the best care practices. 

In this article, we will guide you through specific care tips for each type of object and surface using Hagerty care products.


The importance of caring for antique objects and collector's items 

Preserving the value of your possessions

Proper care of antiques and collectibles is crucial for several reasons. Not only does it help maintain their aesthetic appearance, it also preserves their historical and financial value. Neglected objects can deteriorate, lose their lustre and become vulnerable to damage.


Choosing the right cleaning products

Using the right cleaning products is the key to ensuring a long life for precious objects. That's why Hagerty offers specific care products for every need. From precious metals to leather, wood to textiles, the brand's expertise in cleaning and protection is unrivalled, and has been since it was founded in 1895.


How do I care for silverware?

Silverware is a popular choice for wedding or birth gifts, cutlery, decoration or jewellery. However, this material is prone to tarnishing and requires regular care if it is to remain sparkling.


Hagerty silver care products

In this age of restoration and do-it-yourself, where people prefer to give new life to old objects rather than throw them away, it's becoming trendy to go to flea markets and unearth little gems for your home. But then there's the question of cleaning, because the items on sale are generally not refurbished. That's where Hagerty products come in: The brand offers a whole range of silverware care products that are easy to use and deliver almost instant results.


Cleaning silver cutlery

Do you have silver cutlery but are afraid to use it because it will become dull? Don't panic, Hagerty care products will allow you to use them without moderation. 

- Silver Bath: A cleaning bath with a chemical formula specially designed for the care of silver cutlery. It cleans quickly (3-4 minutes), effortlessly and effectively. Immerse your knives and forks in the bath for the time indicated, rinse with clean water and dry gently.

It all depends on how oxidised your items are. Chemical cleaning may not be enough. To remedy this, Hagerty suggests mechanical cleaning to polish your silverware.

- Silver & Multimetal Foam: A foaming paste specially formulated to remove tarnish without damaging the delicate surface of silver. Can also be used on pewter and stainless steel. Directions for use :

  • Take some paste from the jar using the sponge supplied.
  • Gently rub the silver pieces
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
  • Dry carefully with a soft cloth


Once used, cleaned and dried, you can store your cutlery in its box or in an impregnated pouch that protects silverware from oxidation, such as Hagerty Silver Guards.



Care for silver decorative objects

Hagerty offers a range of care products to clean, maintain and remove oxidation from silver decorative objects:

- Silver Gloves: A pair of dry-impregnated microfibre gloves, ideal for cleaning silver candlesticks. They allow you to hold the object in your hands without getting them dirty, and make it easy to clean every nook and cranny.

- Silver Polish: A cleaning lotion, perfect for restoring the shine to objects such as silver trays. This product offers long-lasting protection against tarnishing and restores silver's exceptional shine in no time at all. What's more, its controlled granulometry guarantees scratch-free cleaning. 

- Silver Care: A cleaning paste for use on silver objects that come into contact with food (trays, carafes, teapots, etc.), as the product should be rinsed off after cleaning.

- Silver Spray: A cleaning spray for chased or engraved silver objects. The spray deposits a very fine layer of product on the surface and is therefore ideal if you don't want any product to get stuck between the grooves. 

- Silver Duster: A 100% cotton cloth dry-impregnated with an exclusive Hagerty formula, perfect for quick maintenance of silver objects. The cloth gives silver vases, frames and champagne buckets a shine in no time at all.

For full details of these products, visit www.hagerty.world


Silver jewellery care

Whether you find it at a flea market or an antique fair, silver jewellery can quickly lose its lustre and become oxidised. Thanks to Hagerty, you can restore their shine and keep them in perfect condition.

- Silver Clean: A cleaning bath for in-depth maintenance of silver and silver-plated metal jewellery. In just 2 minutes, your silver pendant regains its shine.

- Silver Cloth: An impregnated cotton cloth for fast, daily polishing of silver accessories.


Gold jewellery care

Gold jewellery is a precious investment that also requires regular care to maintain its shine. Thanks to Hagerty products, you can restore their shine and keep them in perfect condition.

Gold Clean : A cleaning bath for yellow, pink or white gold jewellery, restoring shine in just 2 minutes.

- Gold Cloth: A 100% cotton impregnated cloth for fast, daily polishing of gold objects. 

If you have inherited or bought antique jewellery and would like to clean it, check out the full range of Hagerty jewellery care products at www.hagerty.world


How do I clean copper, brass and bronze objects?

Metals such as copper, brass and bronze can also lose their shine over time. Whether they are instruments, decorative objects or jewellery, they require special care to prevent corrosion and tarnishing.

- Copper, Brass & Bronze Polish: A cleaning lotion that protects against oxidation for several weeks and prevents objects from tarnishing again.

- Copper, Brass & Bronze Duster: An impregnated 100% cotton cloth for quick maintenance, restoring the shine of objects without causing scratches.


How do I clean a leather sofa or bag?

Leather sofas, accessories and vintage car seats all require special care to maintain their suppleness and appearance over time.

- Leather Care: A nourishing and cleansing cream for leather objects, offering shine and protection. The sponge supplied with the jar gently cleans objects without damaging the surface.

- Leather Spray: A cleaning and nourishing spray that protects leather surfaces. Formulated with Vaseline, it restores leather's suppleness and natural shine. This product can be used on all types of leather except aniline, suede and nubuck.


How can I clean wooden furniture easily?

Furniture and objects made of natural wood require special care to prevent damage and preserve their natural beauty. Hagerty has developed 2 products to make your job easier:

- Wood Care: A nourishing and cleaning cream for wooden furniture and objects, offering protection and a delicate fragrance. The sponge supplied with the jar gently cleans without damaging the surface.

- Wood Spray: A spray that cleans, nourishes and protects wood surfaces. The formula contains natural Carnauba waxes and is safe for all types of wood, light or dark, matt or shiny.  


Textile and upholstery care

Perhaps you have fallen for a vintage sofa or Oriental rug but don't know how to give it an easy makeover? Hagerty has the solution, the brand offers different types of cleaner for both washable and non-washable textiles.


Washable Textile Cleaner

- 5* Shampoo Concentrate: For deep cleaning of carpets, sofas or car seats, you can opt for this shampoo, which is to be used with an injection-extraction hoover (such as the Hagerty Blue H Machine).

- Foam Shampoo: A foam cleaner that restores shine and freshness to your quickly washable upholstery.


Care for non-washable textiles

When cleaning delicate textiles such as silk, wool or Persian carpets, dry cleaning is often recommended. 

- Dry Shampoo: A dry powder to give your delicately embroidered armchair, mattress or cushion a fresh look.


If you are in any doubt about how to clean your antique, contact a professional or write to us at hagerty@hagerty.world.

In short, caring for antiques and collectors' items with care is essential to preserving their beauty and value. By using Hagerty care products, you can be sure to provide the best possible care for your finds. Whether for metals, jewellery, leather, wood or textiles, Hagerty offers effective and reliable solutions for every need. Adopt these maintenance practices and your precious objects will continue to shine for generations to come.


Find all Hagerty products online at www.hagerty.world

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